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Exciting things happening around here – some special guests for the blog to be revealed soon; a birthday (Wilf! Turning 2!), and a new skincare regimen. It’s all go! Let’s have a catch up.

The birthday bit, aka the Mum-cake:

This may have been peak smug-and-lazy but was, like a true mumcake, very well-received by the birthday boy, who was especially thrilled by the digger carving out the bottom right corner of the cake

A low-key but happy birthday for Wilf with a playmobil police car; bin lorry (garbage truck); and new pyjamas. The simple things in life.

I also picked up a very cute H&M romper because he might be two but he’s STILL A BABY, sort of.

H&M conscious, $9.99CAD / £4.99 this is Wilf’s summer uniform

The skincare bit: courtesy of The Ordinary.

I mentioned that I was thinking about trying some of The Ordinary products in a previous skincare post and immediately had people tell me how excellent they are, so hopes were high.

A week or so in I can report: confidently, that they look lovely and minimal on a bathroom shelf; tentatively, that they make my skin feel nice; and optimistically that they might be making me look a little more refreshed.

Could anything reveal my 1990s heritage more than quoting Jennifer Aniston’s L’Oreal advert?

Also, that their website is pretty confusing (so I read their suggestions but also used this guide and this guide); and perhaps most importantly, yes Jennifer, that the dropper-style bottles do make me feel like an absolute scientist. I will keep you updated after I’ve used them for a month or two, on whether I look markedly less haggard.

The storage bit

Whilst on the hunt at H&M for the exceptionally cute romper above, I added some baskets to my basket – because everyone needs more baskets.

In a variety of sizes and therefore prices. Here in Canada; here in UK.

And talking of storage, have you seen the new IKEA peg board?

The similarity to the Vitra organizer that I was dreaming about earlier this year isn’t escaping me.

Image: Instagram @the_rocco_liv

Love all the combinations:

Also enjoy the cork-base table lamp above

Not cool enough to require a record&headphones holder in my living room.

Obviously my IKEA browsing is inspired by our trailer renovation. A proper update on that to come, but for now, I will leave you with some pretty special advice from an elderly neighbour who, on witnessing Mr tMatM busy laying the trailer flooring this weekend, shared that her mother always said, “if you can’t marry a millionaire, marry someone handy.”

Oh, and this picture of the tiny trailer in process, after my very handy husband finished with the painting, floor and countertops:

tMatM x


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