Some new skincare favourites

We’re back, after a lovely two weeks home/not home in the UK. (A Kierkegaard reference in the first sentence of a post about make up.)

I wonder if Soren was thinking about skincare when he wrote this.

And on the topic of our travels, might I suggest, if you are keen to test out your emotional fragility; an expat trip home staying in an Airbnb mere streets from your old and beloved home. I live here! Oh no wait I don’t!

A proper debrief to follow soon.

However, and perhaps more importantly, I have had some skincare revelations lately and felt that it would be remiss of me not to share the details.

First, and actually more make up than skincare: I mentioned before how much I love the Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer, but on one occasion the sales advisor at Liberty did such a good job that I ended up buying a whole host of chantecaille goodies and – while they were all very nice – one has worked its way into my absolute favourites.

(I was going to say into my essentials but I’m not sure how appropriate it is to call a £36 / $65CAD mascara an ‘essential’ in any legitimate sense of the word)

Really very nice

I can’t say enough about how good this is on my pathetic lashes. No clumping at all (unlike the Benefit one that I accidentally got talked into at Sephora recently or the cheapie maybelline ones I have been known to buy in desperation); and it has a really lovely gentle rose-water scent. Who knew it would be nice to have lashes that smell of roses?

I have a pretty basic make up routine these days (obviously) but this makes even a three minute make up effort feel a little luxurious. Plus, you can layer more on top at any point during the day when you feel like you need a little more oomph without it looking caked on.

Next up: I was already a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates bath oils but they recently sent me some face oils and now I am a total convert.

An oil for fine lines, how did they know?

I haven’t used face oils before because, well, we are reduced to survival-level self-care around here and also because I have always assumed that face oils would be a bit, you know, oily.

I was wrong! I have been trying this for a few days now and already another Mum said I looked refreshed (four children under eight and jet lag; this is at best improbable if not impossible) AND mr tMatM mentioned that I looked nice, unprompted (again, four children under eight; I rest my case). Definitely recommend giving these a go – and they also smell delicious.

While we’re on the topic of skincare, I also recently – in the spirit of modernize or die – ordered a few things from The Ordinary after reading various rave reviews. Have you tried them? Do you agree with the hype? I will admit that a large part of the appeal is the packaging:

Pleasingly utilitarian: they must be good for you

I will report back when I have used them and am looking ten years younger.

Okay! More soon. Things have been too quiet around here recently and it’s time for a little more action, including some guest posts from some special guests (how intriguing!).

tMatM x


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