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Here we are in a new year, and while I faithfully and steadfastly avoid making any New Year resolutions, I am enjoying the penitent mood of the month. It lines up perfectly with some stoic efforts at getting the house back to working order after moving back into our kitchen.

Getting organized, getting the house finished: so naturally I have been casually browsing the IKEA website. (Because the last trip to IKEA was such a roaring success).

Partly browsing because I would like a new side table / stool for a corner in the living room. The corner you can see in the image above, to the left. A bookish corner.

…and I have this vitra cork stool stuck in my mind:

But in the spirit of not having too much joy or fun in January I am trying to distract myself from spending any real money – or at least to find a budget alternative.

IKEA did a lot with cork a while ago… but nothing helpful right now.

If you are in the mood for a little IKEA spend-up though, can I just quietly draw your attention to the HAY collaboration – more like a gentle reminder as I’m sure you have already heard about this. In any case. Look at these lovely indoor/outdoor armchairs.

And this simple wall organizer:

Also the new (non HAY) but very Cado-inspired shelving system, made in bamboo (my fave).

IKEA Svalnas, via Pinterest

Enough IKEA browsing and back to brief, I have also been eyeing the Vitra organizers – in a new project space for the older kids to do crafts. But I can’t help the nagging feeling that an organizer is a bit of a boring way to spend money.

I have just noticed they are on sale in John Lewis though, for those of you in theUK and feeling a little less of the January restraint. (The image is linked).

They don’t look all that exciting but they do look pretty lovely once they’ve been styled up and so functional! (Can you sense I’d like to justify a purchase?)

This is by the Rocco, an Instagram account that I have started to like more than I want to.

Sensible hat on, I think a nice alternative to the Vitra organizer might be a classic pegboard. And I have been hankering after a pegboard ever since I saw this image on Cup of Jo:

Even though I know mine will never stay that tidy. And then Cup of Jo also featured a loft apartment with pegboard walls and I was sold! I need pegboards! Many pegboards.

And planning a pegboard is a whole new rabbit hole of night time Pinterest browsing.

All the images from Pinterest. And some of those boards are handmade. What are the chances that mr tMatM will feel like DIY-ing me a pegboard? He did a pretty lovely job on our breakfast nook bench:

A lot of January organization, plans, and pegboards. More soon! With an update on life around here and a general Christmas debrief. Happy New Year!

tMatM x


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