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It’s time for some overdue updates. I left you with some cliffhangers. Was it a good idea to order glasses frames online without trying them on? Did the Mango sportswear fit?

Worth the wait, because the answers are YES and NO.

Yes to the glasses. It turns out that once you have tried on four million pairs of glasses in an optometrist’s office and are despairing about finding a pair that you don’t dislike intensely – then you are likely to be able to order a pair online and just decide to like them.


All that to say, the glasses are staying and all I need to do now is actually get a new prescription and have them made up so maybe one day this whole debacle will be resolved.

And the sportswear. The sportswear! A major departure from my wearing-black-and-a-scarf comfort zone. No to the Mango order. I am teetering on the brink of a replacement lululemon order. I mean I definitely need some sportswear that isn’t from the 1990s. But I am in the dark about what I should order. What should I order? What are your sportswear – masquerading as regular daywear – staples?! (If anyone suggests a crop top I will give up on the idea immediately).

What else. A visit from my brother to a rapturous welcome. Already a very Fun Uncle he arrived by float plane which cemented his cool factor.

He also introduced us to a somewhat offensive but wildly funny comedian – Louis CK. On Netflix (obviously). Worth it, but probably not one to watch with your mother in law, or your own mother, or indeed most people.

And a cake, a new recipe that worked out so perfectly I am actually excited to share it with you. We are swimming in blueberries here so we made a blueberry-orange bundt cake, based on this triple berry smitten kitchen recipe but adapted after realising I had no lemons or buttermilk in the fridge and 3 expectant little faces waiting for me to bake the cake with them that I’d promised.

Cue a few adjustments and a massive pain getting it out of the tin but really – a remarkably ugly and completely delicious cake. Yours won’t be ugly, because you will use the correct tin AND you will ice it without holding a hot and bothered toddler on your hip at the same time (and without my slapdash attitude to cake decorating) – yours will be a completely delicious and utterly sophisticated triumph. Recipe forthcoming (another cliffhanger).

Also. Inspired by a Cup of Jo post discussing Aperol and favourite drinks, we have been drinking The Hugo here, or a watered down version for the (always) nursing mothers amongst us.

Despite the name – I mean, a Hugo doesn’t quite have the summer fun vibe of a Piña Colada, which arguably works in it’s favour – it is a beautifully refreshing, light summer drink. Prosecco, elderflower cordial, ice and mint. Some recipes suggest lemon slices but that wasn’t an option for me (as we established with the cake) and it was still really delightful.

Glasses, sportswear, cake and prosecco. A busy month here at tMatM hq. The month ahead: venturing off the island to the big city (Vancouver), a visit from my dad and, if we can get our act together, perhaps a mini break. Happy summer!

tMatM x


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