Nicer Glasses Please

As everyone knows, the only good thing about your husband being away and leaving you to battle through end-of-term solo parenting (including a bin night / garbage collection day, something I thought was enshrined in marriage vows) – the only good thing is that it provides you with carte blanche on online shopping.

What else can you do, in those quiet evenings alone on a sofa, after long days going it solo? Especially those days that start at 4.30am and involve corralling four children to your optician’s appointment.

As an aside, taking children with me for an optician appointment was quite the revelation as I reeled off letters from the chart thinking I could see just fine and my eldest, with his untarnished vision and penchant for getting answers right, stood and corrected me every time I got it wrong. 

Anyway, back to the online shopping and the first port of call: new glasses frames (obviously, after 3 weeks of an enforced contact lens ban). I never have enough time to browse in person and also feel like there is an unspoken time limit on how long you can look at yourself in a mirror in public – even when trying on new frames – so, inspired by the glasses direct model of buying online and trying them at home, I have ordered a pair with free returns (hallelujah) to have a peek. No time limit on mirror-gazing behind closed doors.

And after some pretty intense research – keeping my evenings very busy – I decided to give Ray-Bans a try. 

They are such a standard in the sunglasses world that I hadn’t really realised they make prescription frames too and in actual fact they are very much on the same theme as their sunglasses: nothing controversial or overly inspiring, but…flattering (I hope). Relatively classic. Also, affordable, an essential in my glasses wish list; after 30 years of glasses / contacts I can confirm that I will do anything to avoid wearing glasses whether or not I have spent thousands on them or stuck with a more thrifty option. 

So, middle of the road cost and middle of the road style it is. (Have I sold them to you?)

I ordered these ones – 

Erika optics


But I liked a number of them.

You’ve probably guessed I was on the very wearable tortoise shell theme.

I was tempted by Oliver Peoples but the shipping options were less favorable so that was enough to put me off. Jennifer looks great in them though:

As an unrelated by-product of my research: look how lovely Jonny Depp looks in his specs (not ray-bans, sorry Jonny)

Moscot glasses, in case you were wondering at anything other than how he was once so handsome

As does Ryan. Also not ray-bans. Ok I was really off topic by now.

Barton Perreira. Widely available and also too wide for my face sadly but if you are less narrow-faced than me, a good option

Next stop, and for extra husband-away points: online cushion purchasing. Coming soon. Let’s hope mr tMatM’s flight isn’t delayed this time.

tMatM x


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