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It’s been a bit quiet here and largely because of an eye issue, my eye, with terms like ‘no contact lenses for a month’ and ‘vision threatening’ being bandied about, both phrases that strike equal fear into my heart. Anyway it’s on the mend now and squinting into an iPhone to write a blog post seems pretty sensible. 

But with a lifelong commitment to hypochondria I always have a duplicitous reaction to health issues. I anticipate the worst case outcome but assume, along the lines of John Diamond, that my hypochondria affords me some protection from any truly terrible illnesses, that is;

‘The knowledge that the true diagnosis is never the one that the hypochondriac suggests to the doctor. It can’t be, because the statement “That’s remarkable! I trained as a doctor for seven years and yet with no training at all you arrived at the correct, and yet unlikely, diagnosis” exists only in the hypochondriac’s imagination’ 

And as true demonstration of my hypochondria, how many young teenagers pored over John Diamond’s weekly column on cancer with such intensity? 

Nonetheless. Perhaps a hypochondriac, but definitely a stoic hypochondriac, if that improves things. 

In other news..

A first birthday, for our fourth, rounding our children’s ages up nicely to the easy answer ‘7, 5, 3 and 1’ which trips off the tongue with more ease, for the ladies who ask in the supermarket.

A blurrily-put-together but made with love classic mum-cake:

Remember the eye and judge me less

And an excellent if slightly random gift I stumbled across when picking up some presents for the birthday boy, with this bath toy: 

Here in the UK, and on amazon in Canada too, but more expensive on the Canadian amazon than in store… <side eye at the online shopping options>

And while the 1 year old might not appreciate the physics of the toy he does enjoy it and I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t sit at the edge of the tub collecting mould – you can pop it in the dishwasher. 

Not an advert, in case you’re wondering, just an overly pleased mother trying to find small gifts for the youngest of four who has at his fingertips, essentially a small toy shop in our living room and needs for nothing, in the way of early years toys.

Also, a few Mango sportswear options on their way:

Okay, I was taken in by their name (‘slimming effect leggings’). (Worth a try?) £35.99 / $69.99CAD

And a departure from black:

Mao collar top, $39.99CAD / £17.99

And a return to black:

Flowy top, $35.99CAD / £17.99

Eye on the mend, sportswear nearly in hand: I’m ready for the summer. A week until the holidays start and just a few solo-parenting-husband-abroad blips to survive first… stay tuned. 

tMatM x


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