What’s in my toddler’s bed? Vol V

To preface this latest instalment, she’s 3 now and I’m calling the 1 year old a toddler so maybe we don’t call 3 year olds toddlers anymore? Preschooler? She definitely doesn’t toddle so much as she strides (and skates, thanks to summer skating lessons)..

Did someone mention skating? Any excuse.


Anyway, whatever her moniker, she still likes to hoard toys in her bed and it’s still a wildly unpredictable selection. This week –

Clockwise, from left: Noddy book (gives both my daughters bad dreams, as it turns out); magnetic zebra; excellent space reader; 2×2 Rubik’s cube (highly recommend for the over 5s); snake toy; one Spider-Man glove; panda calculator (seen on previous weeks); various girl superhero figurines, and a medicine packet from the toy doctor’s bag.

Make of this cross section of interests what you like. Most likely a future astronaut-mathematician-doctor.

tMatM x


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