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Well as it turns out, staycations aren’t so difficult when your husband is back from his work travels, the sun is shining, and you live by a beach.

Very little I can find to complain about


Anyway we’ve been doing lots of trips to the beach and also to the library, as my 5 year old is getting started reading independently, so we’re keeping it fresh with some library readers. She’s enjoying a couple of different series at the moment but particularly these ones about Tiny the (huge) dog. The ironic name is a source of real hilarity, explained to me in painstaking detail every time we sit down to read.

And our 7 year old is enjoying some classic Ralph S. Mouse:

Definitely an occasion to judge a book by its (excellent) cover


Very happy to see how much he enjoys these especially as his less curated (forced) choices include a lot of titles that include the word beast – beast quest, the boy and the beast, you get the idea.

In other news, I have finally and reluctantly worn a pair of shorts (for about an hour and on the beach) but am otherwise staying firm and true to wearing black in the summer.

And not to pre-empt autumn any time soon but Esther Walker / Coren has been publishing her guide to a capsule wardrobe this week over on her blog, On the Spike – an excellent reminder of focusing on the basics. I’m enjoying this series partly because it makes me feel pretty pretty clever for having a number of these basics in my wardrobe already.

And, well, also it may have convinced me to update my crew neck jumper collection with her approved Uniqlo merino number in preparation for cooler times.

On it’s way. About £25


I’m not sure I like anything more than a good crew neck sweater.

One thing I definitely don’t like more is buying presents for husbands who are unacceptably discerning. I have had some success with gifts in the past (this hanging tent is a favourite fixture in our garden) but nonetheless birthdays require some serious thought ahead of time, otherwise he’d end up with some new socks and a tool belt (hypothetically).

Anyway I wouldn’t like to give anything away ahead of time but the birthday is later this month and I think I’ve excelled myself. Check back soon to see what you can buy your husband in a panic for his next birthday.

One last thing. Actually two things. First:

Quite possibly the best body moisturiser I’ve ever used? I’ve been lazily and sporadically using it for a week and my skin is about a thousand times nicer all round.

And, for the Canadian reader: turns out Canadians can have the best baths too! Just found out I can order my favourite bath oils. Absolutely thrilled.

All varieties are incredible but this one is a personal fave. The best $80CAD you will spend all year.

tMatM x


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