The best gift idea

I would say for the person who has everything but you know what I mean – for the person who is seriously unimpressed by most things any regular person would be delighted with.

I bought this for my husband’s birthday and it was a surprise hit given that he is notoriously hard to buy for – and even better, the children have enjoyed it too and so far failed to cause any major destruction.

What am I talking about? A hanging tent of course! Just what you always needed. Get a double so you can cosy up together with a g&t and some cosy blankets on a summer evening, OR so that 3 of your children can all pile in and try and fight each other over the prime spot (all the spots are equally prime but they will turn anything into a competition.)

Graham and Green sell them here,or you can buy them at Cacoon in Europe, or here in the US/Canada

Really love ours. Almost as entertaining for the children as a playhouse or a trampoline but way nicer to look at and, if I can ever pry them out of it, a lovely place to sit beneath a tree and read a book. Or a blog about scarves even!

Here’s ours in early autumn:

A rare moment where the garden is not littered with ride-on toys and small children


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