Wearing black in the summer

Despite the danger of looking like a stagehand or an off duty hairdresser – and there’s nothing wrong with looking like either of those things, except that I am neither of those things – despite that danger, I am pretty committed to a wardrobe that is almost entirely black.

Sometimes I push the boat out to a navy; maybe a grey. For a really big statement, a bit of khaki or monochrome. But really, most of the time: black.

And I know this isn’t some people’s bag and some of you really do look great in colour but most of the time, if I ever contemplate wearing colour – or try something on in colour – I just know I would prefer it if it were black. (Or navy, or grey, you get the idea).

But now things are hotting up and I have noticed that generally speaking people can be a bit aghast at the idea of black in summer. And I admit, sometimes even I look at the myriad pastels and florals and wonder…. but really, black can look pretty good in the summer too. 

And so my commitment (some would call it laziness – and it’s true, there’s no stress around outfits matching, if everything is the same colour palette) / my commitment holds firm. Black in the winter, black in the summer. If it’s good enough for Kate then who am I to argue?

Kate looking great in black. In August. Picture credit: Harpersbazaar.com

In case you need more evidence than Kate pulling off the black in summer style, look no further:

Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue Paris Editor-in-chief: she knows) image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


Image: Pinterest

Have I convinced you? Look if you’re really balking at the all black may I suggest livening it up with a bit of tan and/or white? Maybe a natural basket bag? 

I’m sold. And if you are too then here’s a little round up of some nice black summery items you might want to consider:

French Connection at ASOS, $239.34CAD / £120

And the ever flattering throw on Whistles dress:

Whistles Josie Dress, $189.48 CAD / £95

A nice soft shirt option at Mango, inspired by (*copying) Emmanuelle Alt 

Mango, $49.99CAD / £17.99

Mango also have a simple lyocell mix top that would be a total staple for summer:

Mango, $59.99CAD / £19.99 (ignore the trousers)

I’m very partial to this black top with a little more detail from Hush:

Hush, £49.99

In fact Hush have absolutely nailed the casual black summer wear category:

Hush, £49

Hush, £40


And quite like this Whistles top for changing over to a more summery silhouette:

Whistles at Asos, $269.26CAD / £135


I had a bit of a Massimo Dutti phase in 2010 and then forgot all about them but I’ve just revived my love affair with this top, perfect for a summer evening:

Massimo Dutti, $54.50CAD / £29.95


Summerwear in black. The dream! And coordinating impeccably with your children, dressed in monochrome.

tMatM x


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