The living room shelving edit

Look this may be the very definition of a champagne problem but we have a wall in need of some shelving in our living room. 

‘Just tell me what you want and I’ll build it’, says mr tMatM, like he’s realised it’s been a while since he last time I published a Rate my Husband post.

But, but?! What do I want built? The living room is the most minimal space in the house. 

The actual wall currently houses a very ugly free standing shelf. Let’s stick to a glimpse of the room around the corner instead.

White walls, light floor, minimal fireplace and some art. This is the room I (try to) keep toy and child free and so the less clutter, the better. A stack of Elle Decor is about as lived-in as it gets right now.

I feel happy just imagining an afternoon spent reading these.

But we have some books I’d like to keep to hand. And I’d like it to be a little bit cozier, you know, in a minimalist kind of way.

Obviously I got stuck in on Houzz and Pinterest in a big way:

Image: Houzz

Love this classic white wall of shelves above – and the next one – but feel like they might miss the minimalist brief.


Image: Houzz


Ok definitely not minimalist. The next one (below) is a little more pared back. And I like the natural wood with white edging – but we have enough wood on the floor thanks, so the shelves definitely need to be white. Nice classic brackets though:

Image: Pinterest

White shelving coming up below and I like the high shelving, with a chair beneath idea..

Image: Houzz

Another high shelving option here – also pretty minimal…

Image: Houzz

A single shelf? Or does that look a little too office like..

Image: Houzz

This is a shape I can get behind. High shelving. Classic strip brackets. And I like the space for art incorporated.. we don’t have quite the ceiling height sadly:


Image: Houzz

Another nice shape with space for some art and if you were into an industrial look this would be your bag. Not sure it’s mine though..

Image: Houzz

Saving the best til last and, no surprise, an Australian home with a very elegant solution. Mr tMatM I hope you’re ready for a busy weekend..

Image: Pinterest

Shelves! I think we can take this as confirmation that life as a 30 something expat Mum of four is pretty much full on glamour. 

tMatM x



  1. July 6, 2017 / 8:42 pm

    Very clean, strong horizontal, FLW would approve (though he would never paint the wood). You might look at some of the iconic MCM wall units from Cado, Miller, Cadovius, McCobb, and the like. The modular nature of some of them make for stylish, flexible storage. I’m sure Mr. tMatM could reproduce them – he’s a clever sort. šŸ™‚

    • themumandthemom
      July 8, 2017 / 8:22 am

      Thanks Jen, will have a look at those before I place my final order šŸ˜‰

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