Hero product(s), vol iii

You guys! I’m working on some lengthier blog posts at the moment that actually require some brain power; and let’s just say that at 8-and-a-bit-months pregnant, any limited brain power I can muster up is working just a little slower than usual.

Misleading photo of my 2016 bump which looks remarkably like this 2019 bump

So the blog posts will arrive, perhaps when I have a newborn to keep me awake at night.

Misleading photo of my 2012 newborn (our newly minted 7 year old)

In any case, whilst we await both baby and blogpost; I thought I should share a couple of things that have been making life just that little happier lately. And not just my newly renovated mud room (truly, a joy).

Who would have thought that a wooden wall and bench could bring so much happiness to a heavily pregnant woman (proper photos to follow)

I’ve talked (at length, my apologies) about lip balms and dry lips and all my previous recommendations stand the test of time. (Here, and here)

That said, despite having already found excellent solutions, I can’t help but try the occasional different option.

Particularly those different options that are easy on the pocket; given that I now have daughters who like to borrow lip balms out of my pocket – and return them after a lengthy stay in their own, sand-and-shell-filled pockets – aka, ruined.

A beautiful display of Mim’s coat pocket contents, things that have no business sharing a space with your lip balm

In the interests of being a tolerant parent, then, this Blistex lip balm was touted about on Instagram (I am easily swayed) and came in at a very pleasing $ 3.57 CAD.

Now that I google it, I discover it has nearly 2000 4.5* reviews here which seems fairly conclusive, in case my opinion was not evidence enough (was it not enough!?)

Happily, it also turns out to be absolutely lovely. A really light, moisturising but non-oily balm. I now have them scattered around the car and in every coat pocket so even if one is stolen I am guaranteed one right around the corner – success.

And now that I look for a link to the UK price though… I can’t find it. Is there a UK equivalent? Can a Blistex aficionado point me in the right direction? If not, then we can assume my next career move is a post-Brexit, Blistex export/import business.

Available in basically any country you can imagine, though, is another dream product I have mentioned in passing before (here) – but that I just re-bought and therefore deserves special hero status: this Emma-Jane maternity sleep bra, the most comfortable bra you could conceive.

Surprisingly, for an item in both a ”maternity’ and ‘sleep’ category, it is not totally heinous.

I mean… this is not exactly how it looks when worn in this house at 38 weeks preg but, sure, a close approximation

I wore my previous iterations for long enough that ‘maternity’ was absolutely not a word that applied to me, but still I couldn’t bring myself to part with them.

Again, not sure the Emma Jane team are portraying an accurate representation of your average pregnant wearer but let’s all just imagine that this is how life has turned out for me, approaching the end of my thirties with five children

I did, though, ultimately swap them out for an equally sofa-friendly option, one from a category with no mention of childbearing – but equally as heroic, this M&S bralette:

I give up. Let’s just look at the underwear with no offensively young and carefree persons involved

Lip balms and sofa-friendly underwear! You can just imagine how enjoyable the weekend was around here.

tMatM x

PS. Wondering what other products I deemed heroic all the way back in 2017?

Hero product, vol i


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  1. Mary
    February 5, 2019 / 6:57 am

    Aw! That little baby. I hope you get another just like that!

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