Public service announcement 

One moment it was late October and we were swanning around with light jackets and soft shoes and bright blue skies…

October: the smug weeks

And the next moment it was bloody freezing.

This is meant to depict ‘bloody freezing’ but they all look relatively warm. I can assure you that off camera, I was blue-lipped and miserable (cold).

Anyway cold weather means that, amongst other things – that I immediately get dry lips and hands, and therefore cold weather also means that I begin my annual search for the best restorative products.

I have some pretty solid fallbacks – for lips and for hands – but I’m always happy to try something new. 

And I have tried a few products already this year that aren’t really worthy of mention- pixi beauty lip balms, Aesop hand cream – but then yesterday I stumbled across an excellent mid/budget range new option by La Roche Posay and feel like I should spread the word. (Not a sponsor, just a good deed).

Especially given that my previous recommendation on a back-up stick lip balm (Neutrogena) is now nowhere to be found, on Vancouver Island in any case.

Enough preamble! These are by La Roche Posay which is a brand relatively unknown to me but, I think, pretty ubiquitous in Canada. This is what I’m talking about:

Here in Canada, or Here in UK

And now that I find the link online (and lots of good reviews so I think I’m in good company), I see there is also another lip moisturizing option which I will need to try next:

Here in Canada, or Here in UK

And for hands:

Here in Canada, or Here in UK

Anyway the lip balm is totally scent free. It feels pretty light – not the heavy duty luxurious feeling of the Elizabeth Arden eight hour lip balm, for example – but it stays on your lips for a surprisingly long time without feeling gloopy. It’s inert enough that even my children have been happy for me to use it on them when they have had chapped lips. 

The hand cream is also much lighter than my usual go-to product, but it is absorbed quickly, makes your hands feel immediately smoother, and has a really gentle scent.

Look the other thing I finally relented with, in my quest for permanently soft hands, was to finally give the moisturizer+cotton gloves a go. 

You know, the sort of is-she-a-waiter / is-she-a-mime type gloves:

I mean… I feel like it’s obvious that this isn’t me, but in case you were in any doubt: not me.


The up side to occasionally moisturizing and putting these cotton gloves on as I go to sleep is that not only are my hands really quite remarkably soft, but also that I don’t lie in bed endlessly scrolling through Houzz, real estate, clothes, blogs, homewares until late at night. 

And that is because whilst I can accept (just about) that I have become a person who lies next to her husband while wearing cotton gloves (bit of a low point, admittedly), I feel that lying next to my husband wearing cotton gloves whilst also scrolling on my phone… well that would be a bridge too far. 

Anyway. Public service announcement over. Perhaps it isn’t so cold where you are right now but if it is – or when it is – you’ll be well prepared. Good luck.

Also not me.

tMatM x


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