Hero Product: the mini vase

When we moved house, I really tried to get rid of anything that wasn’t either super useful or truly important to me. There’s nothing worse than packing up junk only to unpack it at the other end. 

Anyway, after spending some time focusing on keeping the things we really use or really love, I thought I’d pass on the occasional recommendation, in a semi-regular tMatM Hero Product series. 

My husband’s idea of minimalism, on the other hand, is a little more extreme, and let’s just say that many (all?!) of these hero products are things he would absolutely deem non-essential. But! They are the things that make life much more pleasant. Or at the very least, things that I use a lot.

On to this week’s hero product. It’s a curve ball. It’s a mini vase.

I KNOW, the glamour! Don’t worry, I have some real self loathing about being the type of person to recommend a mini vase. Stick with me! You might not have one already. 

Think about those beautiful moments where your children run up to you and present you with a dandelion / daisy / buttercup and are SO thrilled with themselves.

You need a mini vase, to stick the slightly wilted buttercup in and make them feel like you LOVE their gift. This kind of thing:

H&M, $4.99 / £1.99, available in white/grey/glass

I mean at less than $5 / £4 this is not exactly an investment purchase. 

    That’s not all you’ll use a mini vase for. When you get a beautiful bouquet given to you – like this, recently, from my sister in law:

    Eventually some of these lovely flowers will be past their prime, but some will still look lovely and then you can save the best bits in your mini vase, like so;


    And finally you will be left with one lonely surviving flower and yet it will still look lovely, thanks to your mini vase:

    Hero number 1. The mini vase. (Who would have guessed).

    tMatM x


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