The tiny trailer, part iii

You Guys.

I’m actually camping!

I. know.

Admittedly, we are now (day two) at a place with excellent free wifi and I am sleeping in a trailer with hot running water, private bathroom and electricity – but it’s definitely camping nonetheless.

Mr tMatM did a pretty fantastic job finishing up on the renovation before we left.

As a reminder, it looked like this:

But now looks like this! (More photos here)

It looks like this now except with a lot more children

Happily it turned out the trailer was also the perfect place for the tins I bought from Tiger that never quite found their place at home:

This kind of purchase leaves my husband bewildered

In any case I did promise something of a running travelogue and so here I am. 36hours in it feels like we have been away for a year and a curious mix of joy and sheer exhaustion (potentially at the prospect of another few weeks of life on the road?!)

Wilfred, loves camping; loves roaming free; hates the suggestion he cannot leave the vicinity on a whim

I mean, it’s not overly relaxing (yet) but some very kind people with more camping experience than me got in touch in response to my slightly panic-stricken plea on Instagram, to say that it gets easier as the days go on and that toddlers adjust to the new normal, so I am, again, filled with hope and boundless optimism.

Tofino, though. It’s pretty lovely:

Doesn’t qualify as a west coast camping trip if you don’t stand by a big tree.

Camping means no routines means sunset beach walks

Wilf, always confident he can keep up

Everyone looking at the camera in one photo, the holiday has already been a success

More soon! A few more Canadian days and then we are crossing the border and headed to Utah for some warmer nights. And easier toddlers who might even decide to sleep in their own, newly built bunk bed instead of sandwiched in between parents. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

tMatM x


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