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Summer holidays might just be starting in the UK – but we are fully ensconced in our summer routines now, 7 weeks into the 12 week Canadian summer break.

Slowly bringing back the saviour of all holidays – Recharge Hour; enjoying lots of trips to the local beaches in between the occasional rainy day; a visiting grandparent, and a lot of swimming and skating lessons.

Mim (4) already outstrips me on the ice

I wrote an article on Selfish Mother about our staycation strategy – here.

And talking about articles, a very exciting appearance in the Sunday Times, talking about moving house with children and babies.

Oh sorry did I mention this already?

The article is here, but behind The Times paywall – sad times for those of us who are cheapskates when it comes to online media consumption.

A lot of time spent in our garden – a slow summer, or a smug and lazy summer, depending on your hashtag preference.

On the subject of gardens. Our nesting baby chickadees fledged the nest which the adults in the house found incredible, beautiful, even embarrassingly emotional; and the children in the house found unbearably dull.

The first bird to peek out got pushed out by his many siblings, who then wouldn’t let him back into the nest. A familiar tale for many firstborns?

Wilf used his newfound ability to speak in sentences; to shout on repeat, “no more looking at the birds!” So I think we can assume that he is both a genius (6 word sentences!) and also, potentially, not about to be the next David Attenborough.

‘We’ are also doing the final touches on our trailer before our August road trips to Tofino, Utah, and maybe Yellowstone or Portland. I’m full of optimism right now.

Let’s see how optimistic I am after 18 hours of driving and life in a 16foot trailer with four small children. I am going to try and document it as we go, travelogue style. Relentlessly optimistic.

And lastly, if you happen to have a baby/toddler and were looking for an unbearably cute romper, can I suggest this one from H&M:

A ‘cotton all-in-one suit’ for the Brits, £14.99 and here or a ‘cotton overall’ for the Canadians, $24.99CAD. Potato, potahto.

More soon,

tMatM x


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