Here, not there (in numbers)

Well – we made it to the UK, on two planes and a shuttle bus; with four children, seven bags, four car seats, one buggy, one ugly car rental and a few hours to the south coast.

No major catastrophes. Seven days later we have made our way north to Cambridge and I think we are finally emerging from the fog…

First Cambridge stop: two x barber visits

Wilf might still be dreaming about the airport buggies though.

All this to say. It might have been a little quiet in these parts, but there are plenty of posts in the pipeline.

And, now that I am in the UK and able to pop in to a newsagent, to collect the very exciting latest edition of Gurgle parenting magazine:

The photo of us that required various cajoling and bribes is featured, alongside my top three newborn essentials – 33% of which includes a new scarf for oneself. So selfless!

Back soon. And jet lag abating, I should be updating a little more frequently on Instagram too. Don’t go anywhere!

tMatM x


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