Breturn: UK here we come

We are counting down the days here to a brief return to the UK.

The last time we were playing it cool on the streets of London

I can’t wait to spend time with family, catch up with old friends, wander some familiar streets, eat all my favourite foods, drink lots of tea and – ok lets just cut to the chase – do All The Shopping.

And by all the shopping what I mean is, obviously, shop online before we leave, have a huge delivery to my sister’s house – and then enjoy the pure luxury that is free shipping, free returns. (Hands in the air).

But it felt a bit rude to do all this shopping and not tell you about it!

So here we have part one of my pre-holiday shopping: which, as it happens, turns out to be things I am buying for… myself! Always the giver. Here we go:

jeans jeans jeans

I have mentioned before my unexpected love for a River Island skinny jean – black (obviously).

They are not just for the 5’2 amongst us either as I have had several people get in touch to proclaim their non-petite-adoration of these jeans.

They are also the only jeans to survive two years of wear around four small children with no holes in the knees; no saggy crotch (the worst); and no exposed skin when I am sat on a rug at a toddler music class.

In the name of sticking to a capsule collection I have ordered a new pair – also in the sale, so it seemed rude not to:

Amelie Super Skinny Jeans, now £30

And inspired by Kate at Wears My Money I have also branched out with these raw hem, ankle baring Casey jeans – in washed black and dark blue. I will report back.

River Island Casey jeans, £42

Actually, the black pair do have a hem.

Also River Island, also £42, comes in leg lengths – the dream.


Can I justify this classic belt to just Zhush up the jeans? Did I just google how to spell ‘Zhush’?

Gucci belt, Net-a-Porter £235

Or perhaps a little more frugal with this very sensible alternative:

River Island, £12

Even more frugal, this vegan option at Asos:

ASOS, £8

shoes shoes shoes

I do like to justify all sorts of purchasing (see above) but even I struggle to justify any shoe purchases that aren’t flats at the moment. I already have heels that I love but just never wear.

So the only shoes I am interested in right now are ones that I can wear and still keep up with Wilfred in (surprisingly/worryingly fast for an 18month old).

Anyway, I might live in North America but I still haven’t pulled off the everyday sports trainer look properly. Maybe this is a compromise?

Vagabond via Asos, £60

I am trying to curb my real desire for another pair of Hobes too:

I have, also, been trying to replace my much loved t-bar flats (RIP 2010) for the past eight years and I wonder whether these from Boden might do the trick?

Boden, in the sale £63 but not in my size (devastated)

Gratuitous flashback to T-bar flat nirvana. Where can I find another pair this good?

And finally

No UK shopping spree would be complete without a quick M&S lingerie stop off. These bralettes are my absolute favourites for lounging around at home and not feeling like a total scruff – even if you end up wearing your husband’s jumper and a pair of maternity joggers over top (not me!) (me).

Louisa bralet, £9.50

Anyway they are super inexpensive, unexpectedly flattering and really quite lovely. And also in some jazzy new prints and colourways.

Holiday pre-shopping. More to come, on childrenswear, homeware, maybe even a bit of a space NK stop too.

I will admit, also, to feeling a bit apprehensive about the journey back. Partly the long haul flight with four children; but also as the first trip back home after emigrating I wonder if I have the emotional resilience to just enjoy the trip rather than feeling sad about leaving again. Alternatively I will just chain myself to Waitrose and be done with it.

tMatM x


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