The only flat shoe you need

It does feel a little wrong to be wishing winter away largely so that I can wear these shoes but really, they are that nice. I’m even hesitating about sharing them online for fear that someone buys my size in one of the additional colours that I have in my basket. But it’s Christmas and I’m all heart, so here you go – I’m talking about hobes.

Feminine, eminently practical and still slightly edgy – more so if you go for a metallic or point version (although I am sticking to a more versatile nude)…and while they aren’t exactly the same price point as my blush bargain New Look ballet flats …well they aren’t so far at the other end of the spectrum that I won’t want to wear them (as soon as it stops snowing – ‘let’s move to Vancouver Island’, said my husband, ‘it never snows there’).

I am partial to the lower cut boat shape – these pair are in Blush -the colour is divine and supremely versatile:

But so is the Dove – (also, I really just like that description of a colour, not to be fickle) 

See what I mean about a classic but still  with an edge? Especially in finishes like these Nude pair 

How many pairs of these can I justify

And on the topic of justifying purchases, I feel a bit like the wooly hobe might be an essential. 

Look, they’re given the nod by vogue, what more can I say!

Luckily this pair are out of stock in my size as I have no self control

Not to mention that if you like a bit of matchy-matchy (and I do) then you can buy some for your baby

I didn’t think I would write an entire post about one shoe – but they have only gone and made the metallic ones for babies too… Ridiculously cute! Forget buying books as gifts, look at these!

Ok, I’ve calmed down. And to clarify, despite this keen bean post I am in no way sponsored by this company, I just have too much time on my hands to spend browsing their website whilst sitting in a dark room and waiting for our four year old to fall asleep. Bad news for the $$/££s, excellent news for me and my feet.


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