What’s in my toddler’s bed? Vol IX

First up, let’s all acknowledge that to write nine in Roman numerals I did have to pause for a moment and consider (with maybe a cursory follow-up google). Anyway, here we all are at the 9th volume of this tMatM flatlay series and there’s a pretty bold move in the contents this week.

Clockwise, from left: Duplo creations; cat figurine; Audi model R8 (technical), and a library medal.

Yes. That’s a lot of Duplo to sleep alongside but Mim is insistent that she keep it right by her pillow.

In case the top photo wasn’t clear enough, that’s a collection of five Duplo bases – each with sixteen Duplo blocks carefully aligned. 80 blocks (LXXX – definitely had to google that).

The cat and medal need no explanation (standard toddler bed affair) but the model car is a snap together model that Mim built at Jacob’s 8th birthday party this weekend. Total treasure. More on the party coming soon!

While we’re on the topic of Duplo though, here’s a smug and lazy activity that Mim (3) and Wilf (18months) both enjoy:

Duplo cakes. We know how to live around here.

Let’s hope my sister doesn’t notice that the tin on the right may have found a way to Vancouver Island rather than back home to her kitchen. And yes! The floor in the backdrop is our new kitchen floor, our new nearly-functioning-newly-renovated-kitchen. More on that soon, too.

tMatM x


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