Flash gift idea: toddler edition

You know how when you buy a multipack – of baby sleepsuits, or vests, or crisps… there’s always a dud. An ugly pattern or clashing colour or a questionable beef flavour (bad times).

I think we all know which variety is the dud in this box and it isn’t the chipsticks.

In any case, having read many gift guides lately (I have a lot of children to put to bed) I can surmise that they are the multipack of helpful suggestions. Each guide has a couple of excellent ideas, a couple of fairly decent ideas and, inevitably a few duds.

So in lieu of a tMatM gift guide I’m going to run a sort of flash mob approach to this. When a really outstanding idea, adored toy or cherished book pops into my mind I will recommend it in a gifting series – but there won’t be a big list of suggestions.

Starting us off is the perfect gift for your toddler, or nearly-toddler, a Brio Pull along dog. (A Dachshund, if we’re getting technical).

Sure, it’s not the cutest pull along dog you’ll see on the shelves.

But pull-along toys aren’t created equal and if you’ve ever witnessed a toddler attempting to pull along a toy with the wrong length rope, or one made from a lightweight plastic that flips over every time your toddler takes a corner then you’ll appreciate the incandescent levels of frustration that this functional Brio toy avoids.

What I’m saying is, it makes up for the slightly pared back appearance by never causing for a toddler meltdown.

I also found Wilf (18months) under a blanket cuddling it recently so I think we can conclude that the aesthetic doesn’t deter toddlers.

Admittedly Wilf doesn’t look thrilled about it here but he was very busy walking his dog so he wasn’t in the mood to stop and smile.

tMatM approved toddler gift! (And check back here if you want to help your husband along with an excellent suggestion from last year)



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