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Don’t panic! I haven’t gone off you. It’s not you, it’s me.

Actually it’s not me it’s my KITCHEN. If I thought anyone would appreciate 4 hundred blog posts about how long kitchen renovations can take and just how boring / exhausting it is not having one room with a functioning fridge, sink and oven… then this blog would have been an absolute riot of posts over the past month.

Just… no words. It will all be worth it? On repeat.

Instead, though, I’ve been feeling a bit flat, reaching my cooking limits in our utility room, trying to entertain toddlers while various tradesmen wander past and then to top it all off our tumble dryer broke so our makeshift kitchen/living space has also included at any one moment, a rack full of slowly drying clothes.

So I did what any self respecting normal person would do to cheer themselves up. I thought about exercise and healthy eating and early nights, and then ordered Thai food, watched a number of Noah Baumbach movies while semi-comatose in the evenings and made a quick but devastating trip to sephora.

But now I have new concealer/mascara/tinted moisturizer (post forthcoming), a brand new working dryer AND a functioning oven, albeit in a room that I can’t prepare food… so life is on the up.

What else. We had a big night out for the tMatM crew this weekend – for the concert of the year:

Yes this is Raffi and yes times have changed.

The older three were thrilled. Wilf was thrilled so long as no one expected him to sit in a seat, so he is missing from the concert group shot, along with mr tMatM who got to experience Raffi from the back of the theatre, bouncing a fairly heavy toddler around.

Another tooth lost, another lazy good-for-nothing tooth fairy:

A new vehicle added to the chaos that is tMatM family walks:

Can you even claim North American residency without being in possession of a wagon?

And a few three year old refuseniks along the way.

But there’s more! I have some exciting posts coming up. Some real renovation chat, not just moaning; some thoughts on children and emotions; flash gift recommendations – it’s all coming soon.

For now though, I’ll leave you with a gratuitous mr tMatM snap on the beach.

Back soon. I promise! Don’t give up on me yet!

tMatM x


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