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I’ve realised that my statement in the last post about forthcoming loaf cake recipes was erroneous. There will be no loafcake action in this house for the next month because…. we are having a new kitchen put in!

Huge excitement coupled with terror because it turns out that a new kitchen takes 4 weeks of tear-down-floors-out-floors-in-electrics-plumbing-cabinets-appliances-countertops.

So just a casual 4 weeks to feed 4 children and make school packed lunches from a makeshift ‘kitchen’ in our utility/boot room, ostensibly a table with a plug-in burner, toaster oven and a kettle. 

I’ve got a stack of paper plates and I’ve ordered a new waffle machine though, so that’s something?

Full kitchen posts to come, with some previous thoughts on kitchen design here (think white). We are keeping it simple and using white ikea ‘Voxtorp’ cabinets… with a white/concrete theme.

Fingers crossed the children don’t get scurvy in the meantime. They are thrilled by the very real prospect of pesto pasta for every meal though so this may work in their favour. And please send any suggestions on gourmet toaster-oven meal plans my way. Should I be investing in a slow cooker? 

Also. Remember I ordered some glasses?

This is less about being arty and more about saving you from the horrors of my unslept face

They arrived. And I’m still not sure whether I’ve finally grown up and put health / comfort above vanity, or whether I’ve just given up? Either way, I’m wearing them most days.

Mim (3) is now riding a pedal bike which is pretty terrifying but makes for some fun afternoon rides around the university campus:

And we watched Elsa (5) in her first school race last Friday. 

Elsa, far left

We also made these chocolate cupcakes this week using a new recipe (here, and I didn’t change a thing), very easy and totally delicious. Mim requested the chocolatiest cupcakes with sprinkles – I think these fulfil that brief:

So.. kitchens, glasses, bikes and cupcakes. It’s been a busy few weeks. Will share some photos of the kitchen renovations as we go on Instagram, if you want to see the progress / track whether or not I have gone mad in my utility room makeshift life of squalor.

tMatM x



  1. Shannon
    October 17, 2017 / 10:43 am

    You will not regret getting a crockpot. There are so many meals you can make in it. My favourite is to roast a whole chicken. You just season it with whatever you like, add a 1/4 cup of water, cover and let it cook for 4-6 hours. It’s amazing!

    • themumandthemom
      October 17, 2017 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks Shannon! That sounds far more nutritious than pesto pasta and bagels 😉 I’m sold…am on a crockpot mission tomorrow!

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