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We are embarking on some house renovations here at themumandthemom HQ, and I’m turning into a massive kitchen bore. It’s a good job I don’t have any new friends yet or else I’d be boring them all with chat about corian countertops.

Anyway I promise not to overdo it on the blog front, talking about these renovations, but seeing as I have looked at so many beautiful white kitchens in the last months I thought maybe you’d like to see a few, too.

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How do we feel about a bit of concrete in there with the white? Any takers?

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a bit more concrete…

Or perhaps a safer way to introduce some grey:

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Right now we are living with a pretty bold combination of beige, brown and orange (!)…the uncomfortable reality of mid century style. So, bright white, feeling pretty appealing.

…if you’d like to offer up any wisdom or solidarity on house renovations, kitchen design or countertops, I would be absolutely delighted to have some boring kitchen / renovation chit chat. For everyone else’s sake, I promise to move swiftly on.

tMatM out. X


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