What’s in my toddler’s bed? Vol VII

It’s the most anticipated regular flatlay out there. What’s in my toddler’s bed?

Clockwise, from left: seahorse, mermaid, dog; Harry the Dirty Dog book (classic); my old brownie guide badge sash (off piste); a Cambridge snow globe; ukulele; ballet slippers; brio ‘Millie’ train; one domino tile, a torch, and 8 duplo blocks (toddler’s own).

Look I think I’ve referenced this kind of brio train before but if you are stuck for a toddler gift then a minor character from the Thomas Tank series (think Salty) brio train & book is always a hit. 

And if this isn’t proof of the old owners-and-their-dogs phenomenon, behold the favoured stuffed toy of my blond curly-haired brown-eyed daughter…

Of course the torch was on when I pulled this haul out at 10.30am so if nothing else we know my constant reminders re batteries are being heeded.

An eclectic and confusing selection of essential items, as ever. What’s in your toddler’s bed?

tMatM x

Wondering how this series started? Look back to the first What’s in my Toddler’s Bed, vol i 


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