What’s in my toddler’s bed?

You know all those strangely addictive ‘what’s in my handbag’ articles? I always appreciate seeing perfectly lined up lipcolours and keys and essential oil balms and beautiful journals for jotting down moments of inspiration. 

But the contents of my handbags these days would not make for pleasant reading. With full disclosure, it would mostly consist of random odd baby socks and broken crackers. 

Anyway as I wandered in to gaze at my sleeping 3 year old last night, and to make sure she wasn’t sleeping half out of the bed, I also did the usual nighttime removal of random treasures that she has collected throughout the day and stashed in her bed.

Does your toddler do this? Just mine? Anyway, a new series: what’s in my toddler’s bed?

Clockwise, from left: an old BT phone; deer figurine; paw patrol racer Rubble; a free Frozen magazine ruler; the trailer from a toy tractor; a 1990s bagpuss pencil tin (empty); a kitchen paper roll (stolen and hidden earlier that day  from a big sister who wanted to make a rocket); a rat and a rabbit stuffed toy; Six Dinner Sid (either a charming children’s classic about a cat with six homes, or a tale about polygamy, depending on who you are talking to).

An eclectic and slightly confusing array. 

As a sign of my commitment to this blog (or perhaps my commitment to appeasing toddlers) I brought this collection into the living room to photograph and then upon hearing my children coming in from a trip to the shops I scrambled upstairs to replace it all in the bed before the 3 year old was too upset at finding these in the incorrect place. 

tMatM x


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