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Somehow, the last few weeks of summer sped up, and here we are with 6 days until school starts. This will be the first year that our two oldest are both at school full-time; so I’ll only have the 3 and 1 year olds at home. It’s going to feel very quiet.

I mean not that quiet, has anyone ever met a quiet 3 year old?

Not at all quiet.


Anyway. What can I  report. Lots of baking Chez tMatM in anticipation of lunch boxes and also just as a general activity that our children love.

Starting with smitten kitchen’s incredibly easy and delicious chocolate brownie roll up cookies. They are chocolate cookies that hold their shape when baked – so a hit with toddlers who want to cut out garish shapes – and best baked a little thicker than you would imagine, for a brownie-style soft chocolatey hit.



I didn’t change a thing. Smitten Kitchen knows her way around a cookie recipe. The recipe yields a huge batch – 60something – so I have frozen some, already shaped, in readiness for lunchbox / after school treats (smug).

We also baked these oat cookies today; still delicious.

Other than cookie baking, eating..

My new pair of of hobes arrived – I recommended them a while ago – they are so insanely comfortable and stylish in a very nonchalant way.  I love them so much that I’m having to work hard at stopping myself from buying them in every colour.

The customs fees are also helping me to control my desire to buy all. the. colours.


I’ve been wearing the gap girlfriend jeans that everyone kept recommending. In black  – obvs – but am enjoying the silhouette, even if I do have to hitch them up a little more than I’d like.

Gap, $79.95CAD / £54.95


After all these years wearing skinny jeans these are something of a great relief, although I do worry that, like fish that grow to fill whatever size tank they are placed in, I will just somehow expand into these looser fitting jeans. Just me?

Also on the agenda: a haircut for our 5 year old today, in my regular salon, followed by a quiet hot chocolate together, which was pretty blissful.

Haircuts are a serious business


And the baby. Definitely a toddler now. A hockey-playing toddler?! Canada is having an impact on these children.

Oh Canada

And finally, a trip up Island to some warm water in Parksville to see some cousins. Lovely way to spend the last days of summer.

More soon, on school starts, underwear recommendations and reward charts. Busy, busy.

tMatM x


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