What’s in my toddler’s bed? Vol iv 

In case anyone’s concerned, I do clear out the random bits my toddler collects in her bed more frequently than the regularity of these posts would suggest. 

Photographing them, however, requires lightning fast iPhone skills to get the photo before my 1year old destroys the scene or my 3 year old catches me red handed, to ask why I am taking photos of her carefully chosen treasures. Surprisingly hard to explain.

Anyway let’s not let that get in the way of an excellent selection – and brilliantly last night’s bedtime upset was because there weren’t enough toys in her bed. Cue a trolley dash around the room to collect the Sooty puppet (essential) and the My Little Pony figurine (older sister’s, chosen for maximum distress / impact on the room).

Clockwise, from left: wooden cakes; creepy doll that makes an even creepier crying noise; teddy and duck; wooden ice lollies; paw patrol figurine; hot wheels cars; another wooden cake; panda calculator (from Tiger, a plane present that went down very well); My Little Pony figurine; a Sooty hand puppet; necklace from my childhood; bracelet from their childhood; fox, and a mini baby. Obviously.

Who doesn’t keep a panda calculator to hand?

At least I managed to remove the pile of teddies, as seen last time. 

tMatM x


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