Rate my husband 

At one point I thought that I could have a whole website dedicated to rating my husband. You know, not like you would all be rating my husband, but that I would rate my husband on a particular day and you would rate your husband on a particular day and we’d all have a jolly good laugh over the disastrous ratings our husbands were earning themselves. 

Anyway luckily for the internet I decided against that but I do still think it’s sort of funny enough – that is, cathartic enough for me – for it to be an irregular feature on the blog. So, rate my husband is born. He’s scoring pretty highly today because I haven’t seen him for most of the day and I’m remembering how he looked pretty handsome as he took 3 of the 4 children to the school run this morning while I fed the baby and put some make up on and had a wee alone. So he’s a solid 9 today. Not so much venemous chuckling today as on other ‘rate my husband’ posts. Check back for that delight – and while you’re at it feel free to rate your husband too! 



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