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I wrote a post a while ago sharing a fairly diverse selection of blogs, news sites and online interiors magazines that I rely on for good breastfeeding reading material.

Anyway as it turns out this was quite popular, so I can only assume that you, too, have already read the whole internet whilst breastfeeding and now you’re hoping to find some new reliable mum blogs / mom blogs to entertain. 

And, as it it turns out, it’s quite hard to randomly stumble across a decent read.

At your service! Here are 5 more of my go-to regular read mum-blogs:  
More Than Toast

Alice writes on single parenthood, interiors, with the occasional recipe and review thrown in for good measure. Overall, a frequently updated and really nicely written, amusing lifestyle blog. 
Does my bum look 40 in this?

Apart from having a URL that still makes me laugh, Kat is a prolific blogger with an excellent round up of fashion from high street to high end. I have bought things on her recommendation that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed and have never yet been disappointed. As an aside, Kat also writes for The Pool – also well worth a read.
The Harridan

A new discovery for me, The Harridan is written by a New Zealander Mum of five (aha…It can be done!) living in London. Beautifully written.

Another relatively new-to-me blog that I’m enjoying, with a recent post on taking the children swimming on a bank holiday that made me laugh out loud, albeit the hollow laugh of someone who has experienced the joys of a “family change room” or, as everyone else would describe it, a slightly larger than usual, accessible toilet with a locker in the corner. 
Smitten Kitchen 

Not exactly a mum blog but Deb Perelman is a mum (actually, technically speaking, a mom) and this is a blog, so I think we can safely include her in the mum blog / mom blog arena? And every recipe of hers  (I have tried lots) has been reliably excellent. Also, this is the only blog I subscribe to for emails and she never fails to inspire me to step outside the normal alternating pasta/potato meal regime the children have instilled around here: an achievement in itself.
There we go. 5 excellent mum blogs for you, to get you through to the weekend. I, on the other hand, am busy finally working my way through series 6 of Girls, whilst frantically checking my children’s heads after one of those slightly doom laden ‘lice alert’ emails from school. Is it ever possible to read those words without feeling immediately itchy? A glamorous mid-point to the week, that’s for sure.

tMatM x


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