Life around here 

My husband may be back from his travels but it’s been raining and I have a spot on my chin so, you know, peaks and troughs.

To tip the balance in favour of happier times, though, I did just stumble across this (black, obviously) very versatile summer dress at Jigsaw.

Not showing on their international site yet for some reason? But with some neutral espadrilles for day or something dressier…I have high hopes. Currently on its way. Will report back.

 (one for the Bridget fans out there)

Also, while browsing cushions – and with some excellent options out there at the moment to be covered in a forthcoming post – I got distracted by the True Grace new outdoor candle range.

Need to find a Canadian stockist but for now, at Graham and Green here in the UK for £20:

We baked another batch of banana muffins this morning but sadly didn’t get to put any in the freezer for smug lunch boxes next week as they all got eaten immediately.

Evidence, the soft chubby hands of a 3 year old chef-turned-thief at work whilst I tried to take a photo..

On the agenda for the weekend: Jamie Oliver’s foolproof pancakes. Mr tMatM’s domain, although he is still steadfastly making the same quantity he was making 7 years ago and so now with 4 extra people at the breakfast table, I’m lucky if I get to sample the leftovers.

Hoping for more sunshine and a walk to collect rocks at a local beach:

So many rock collections. Mostly banished outside. Some finally being put to use as a fairy garden.. and some decorated with chalk, a surprise hit outdoor activity for the 5 and 3 year olds this week.

It’s Mother’s Day too, here: my second of the year (wonder how long I qualify for both UK and Canadian Mothers days?), so feeling pretty lucky to be mum-mom four times over. Even if one of them (nameless) sang an improv song about daddy and diarrhea for approx 700 hours this afternoon.

Have a great weekend.
tMatM x


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