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It’s been a quiet few days here, hasn’t it? Blame a baby who seems to have stopped enjoying falling asleep at night to the soothing tones of a mother tapping out a blog post on an iPhone, and prefers instead my undivided. attention. Ideally for an hour and a half. And there we have it, my new evening routine!

Anyway my 10month old seems to be, finally, coming out of a pretty tough few weeks of teething+cold, a brutal combination. All that’s left is to improve the nighttime routine and I’ll be back on track with the blog posts so… see you in about 2 years?

No no, I have a plan with sleep and it involves transitioning to shorter naps. I will report back soon.

Anyway. What else around here. A third birthday for my thirdborn. A gratuitously bright and sugary mum-cake in the shape of the number 3, and, in a fit of selfless commitment to children’s terrible taste, the addition of some paw patrol figurines. 

Even without the filter this cake was a suspicious shade of yellow-green

…Incidentally, I have finally perfected the ultimate chocolate cake recipe for children’s birthday cakes, to be shared in a forthcoming post – this gives me a handy excuse to make (eat) it again.

Some beautiful spring weather has meant some beautiful mountain walks behind the house:

And some mornings spent at the beach. 
Sunshine, low tide, a visiting grandparent and a rock pool: the perfect morning for a 3 year old?

My role in this outing involved bouncing a slightly fed up baby

Some shoes might be winging their way to Vancouver Island as we speak…

Urban Outfitters, about $39 in the sale

(And I know I said that this was the only flat shoe you’d ever need but, these are quite different, versatile and importantly – for those of us with a summer to be spent in sandy playgrounds – in the sale. Worth a shot)

I am also on the hunt for some good curling tongs for mid length hair (asking for a friend) (me). Any hints you wish to throw my way before I buy a random pair from amazon?

The week ahead: a departing grandparent and a travelling husband. What could possibly go wrong? 

tMatM x



  1. Anna
    May 2, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    I’m coming back to Victoria, Hannah! The shoe gods have blessed me in Chicago 😉

    • themumandthemom
      May 2, 2017 / 8:29 pm

      Glad the gods were good to you and looking forward to seeing the results 🙂 plus this makes me feel even more justified in some online purchasing!

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