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On the fun:easy (smug:lazy) continuum, this art project sits firmly in the easy (lazy) camp.

I found these Easter themed trays in a shop for a dollar each just before Easter – I think they are intended to mould your own chocolate eggs? That was never going to happen. But I thought they were nice and bright and would come in useful for some kind of sorting / paint activity.

So, in a quiet moment the other day while the (slightly miserable, still suffering from a cold) 10month old napped – I set the nearly-3 and 5 year olds up with a painting activity.

The dimples in this tray are fairly small and numerous so we had a larger than usual array of colours. And, to avoid battling over the paint brushes / having to clean four million paint brushes, I thought this might be an excellent moment to try a bit of pointillism.

Q-tips at the ready…

And they’re off –

This is one of those activities that works well for different age groups. My 5 year old spent a long time making repeating patterns, and the nearly-3 year old was a little more free and easy with the colour scheme.

Anyway I gave them a huge sheet of watercolour paper and they worked on them very dilligently for quite a while:

Then when interest started to wane a bit we mixed it up with some pre-cut paper shapes (doesn’t everyone have unicorns at the ready?)

And finally, after all that careful work keeping colours and dots separate, some sponge brushes finished the activity up with less beautiful results but very happy children:

You can guess which ones made the ‘save’ pile.

tMatM x


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