Having had 4 children in the last 7 years you would be correct in assuming that a lot of my time is spent in ‘loungewear’.

Which is – I believe – technically speaking, code for a mash up of pjs, old maternity leggings and nursing bras / crop tops.

Attractive… perhaps? Comfy, definitely. 

Anyway I recently had to add a little extra to an online order to qualify for free delivery and  it prompted me into redressing the comfy/attractive balance in my collection – in other words: ditching the old maternity gear and replacing it with something a little less embarrassing to open the door to the postman in.

Starting with a surprising find from M&S – their Isabella bralette – comfy comfy and yet… not the maternity one I recommended previously. Huge fan. 

M&S, £9.50 / $22CAD

Here for the international site and here for the U.K. Site. I can recommend the black and am so thrilled with it that I’ve just ordered all the other colours for research purposes. 

(The good news for the expat / non U.K. fan, aka me, is that their international delivery service is good and includes all the duties and taxes so you don’t retrospectively get hit with an unexpected fee for duty which suddenly makes your sale purchasing seem a little less thrifty.)

Anyway I’ve also been on the hunt for some good cashmere joggers. I kept meaning to order the M&S ones that everyone raved about but I left it too late and now they’re out of stock – lesson learnt. 

Maybe it’s a bit too warm for cashmere now anyway? But these look like a good alternative bet from The White Company:

Knitted joggers, £69, also in a dark grey

And moving into jersey territory there are a lot of options out there – I have a v similar pair to this from Asos that have lasted for the past 2 years and still are looking pretty fresh:

I mean it goes without saying that they don’t look like this on me. And my pose would be more likely to involve a sofa and a bag of popchips

Also as an aside, on looking for these on asos I notice that Juicy Couture is a thing now and am I the only person to feel a frisson of unfulfilled 1990s excitement about that? 

The wrong thing to do, I know, but – still tempting.

Here are some more at the White Company:

£45, in a variety of colours

The ultimate loungewear provider, Hush, has gone a bit off piste with a striped version that I’m not sure my legs would thank me for, but if you look like the model below then I think they are an excellent idea:

Hush, £55

And for the less leggy amongst us (me) these:

Hush, £49.50, variety of colours available

Some from H&M here:

H&M, $19.99

And back on the cashmere, H&M do a premium cashmere pair here, I can’t vouch for H&M cashmere though, anyone tried it?

H&M, $119

And of course Gap have a number of options:

Gap, CA$44.95

Anyway that marks the start of my improved loungewear collection. Next up: tops that haven’t been worn through 4 pregnancies and/or don’t belong to your husband. The big leagues. 

tMatM x


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