Nice hair please

It would be pretty easy to track the moments where my children are either ill or not feeling much like sleeping because – apologies – my blogging pace takes a bit of a hit.

Anyway, after 5 days with an average of 1hr sleep per night, (major cold for the 10month old plus an array of bad dreams, stuffy noses, you name it)… my ability to string a sentence together was pretty shot. I have had a number of playground conversations this week with other mums and they will have walked away from them assuming I am either extremely dull or the silent type.

However, along with the expat jackpot – a visiting grandparent – I have also had a total revelation after 30-something years of completely straight hair, with a haircut that actually lets my hair have a little wave to it. 

Much less 90s than my previous poker straight day-to-day look. And thrilled to have found a local hairdresser – this is a dreadful part of moving house and I have suffered bravely through a couple of pretty shocking haircuts here on the path to this discovery.

Anyway the actually-good haircut was also helped by this Kevin Murphy product:

Smells incredible, and actually works

I haven’t tried any of his range before but this is very lovely and now I am a total convert. He uses essential oils so they all smell divine. 

If you have fine hair, though, this product is for you. Subtle lavender, and a bit of a texture lifeline without weighing your hair down. Thanks Kev.

tMatM x


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