Easy toddler art

This latest smug and lazy art project is brought to you courtesy of a bored wife in a Home Depot.

While my handy-in-the-garden husband browsed the aisles for some new tarpaulin, a wire brush and various other implements that are wildly disinteresting but integral to the success of our summer evening drinks overlooking a beautiful garden… whilst he did that, and I tried to contain 4 fairly bored and slightly rambunctious children, I happened upon these:

Anyway they were small and cheap and yellow (essential for my 2 year old who requires everything be yellow, or at the very least green). An excellent distraction.

And I had a bit of a plan for some fun and easy (*smug and lazy) process art.

Step 1: cover the table effectively (I failed on this)

Step 2: let your toddler choose 2 or 3 colours of paint – more if you are feeling generous

Step 3: blob the paint over the paper

Step 4: leave toddler to smear the paint around with the yellow Home Depot scrapers and create random – surprisingly lovely – patterns.


tMatM x


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