Life around here

In true expat style, things are settling in to a new normal, 6 months after our big move.

The first 2-3 months felt like a very long and slightly disorienting holiday, albeit a holiday with a lot of menial chores and manual labour. 

The next month or two, a sense of real-life creeping in, along with some pretty serious isolation.

And then, slowly, settling in. Children making friends, their accents changing slightly as they go.

The school routine becoming familiar. 

Spring is… just about… here.

Family have been visiting. The 2 and 5 year old insisted on baking some obscenely sweet butterfly cakes to greet our latest visitor..

(Same tried and tested recipe, here)

And, more!

Some very cute boys pyjamas winging their way to us (what do we think about matching PJs for the 7yr and 9month old? So tempted).

A walk to these falls on Sandcut Beach planned for the weekend.

Renovation plans starting to feel imminent. (Otherwise known as, frantic late night Pinterest searching)

These easy, healthy two ingredient pancakes were a hit with all 4 children, although honestly speaking, 3 ingredients, as they were eaten smothered in maple syrup. Less healthy, still very easy.

4 Himalayan Birch trees planted in our front garden by my natural-born-arborist husband, in homage to a favourite UK destination.

And an extremely lazy but very well-received cutting activity for the 3 year old this morning: a pile of scissors, a stack of paint colour charts from the hardware shop…

We’re getting there. 

tMatM x


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