Looking less tired with many children and no sleep – the socially distant edition

There are lots of bad things happening right now and I’m not being glib because it would be in poor taste to make a joke about the dire situation in which we find ourselves (although try telling that to my parents, who both seem to have used this quarantine / lockdown time to discover and share a surprising amount of corona-themed memes).

All that to say, clearly this isn’t one of the main things we need to worry about right now BUT, it’s pretty additionally depressing to have to witness your own, tired, face in the corner of all these FaceTime / zoom / Google hangout video calls. It just, sort of, you know, adds insult to injury.

My sister and I have bypassed this problem very successfully by only using audio FaceTime (or, as we liked to call it in the nineties, a Phonecall) – but sometimes a video meet is a necessity and so looking a little less tired becomes more essential, even if you are wearing the trousers you have slept in. Talking of which, I keep meaning to (enthusiastically) recommend these:

Dance Studio Joggers, about $98CAD, here.
I assume Mr tMatM deeply regrets buying these for me as a Christmas present, as I have enjoyed them a little too much, increasingly eschewing all other trousers. The perfect bed-to-day-to-bed-again option, I see that Lulu Lemon optimistically suggests that they are for a dance studio. Mine have never seen a dance studio, but obviously I look JUST like this in mine.

I digress. I couldn’t recommend the trousers enough but we’re here for the solution to a tired face and that solution comes, mostly, in a little bottle:

Self Tanning Drops, about $38CAD, here.
I also recommend hiding the dropper detail from your toddlers before they decide this is part of the days’ homeschool sensory play.

In earlier decades I absolutely would have opted for a medium/dark option despite my naturally-veering-on-blue pale skin. Now, though, mature mother-of-five that I am, I stuck with the more restrained light shade. Also, NB, that was the only option Sephora had in stock at the time.

Anyway you just add a few drops to your moisturizer in the evening and wake up with a super natural, non-streaky glow that doesn’t betray the number of bad dreams you had / children waking you / babies nursing / additional children in your bed, etc. Huge fan.

The added benefit is that it reminds me to moisturize, something I am often pretty lazy about. And on that note..

Confidence in a Gel Lotion, about $48, here

I finished the Ordinary face oil I had been trialling and reverted to a normal moisturizer with a pump dispenser because that requires just about the least effort to put moisturizer on your own face. And I’m now using the It Cosmetics one, along with an It cosmetics eye cream, when I’m feeling particularly diligent:

Confidence in an eye cream, about $50CAD, here

While we are talking about It cosmetics, their under eye concealer is a dream – I tried a sample when I ordered the moisturizer and immediately ordered a full size version.

Bye bye, under eye (please?) about $35CAD, here

And finally, after faithfully using Laura Mercier eyeliner for the past decade (!) I decided it was time for a change and inadvertently stumbled across this Charlotte Tilbury option – I have it in a dark grey “Verushka Mink” shade, it makes me feel like I am reasonably competent applying make up as it glides on so easily and just alerts others to the fact that yes, I do indeed have eyes hiding somewhere on this tired face. And no panda eyes even at the eye-watering prospect of staying home with five children under ten and, last week, NO OVEN (disaster).

Also we mustn’t ignore the fact that it’s called “rock n kohl” as there’s nothing more satisfying than a good pun. About $32CAD here.

So, looking a little less tired, with a lot of children, no sleep and an international pandemic (fairly specific criteria). How are you getting on?



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