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I’ve reached peak mum pretty quickly around here, saying things like “you’re lucky to be bored” and “if you’re bored I can find you a chore to do”… and despite generally subscribing to the idea that children need to be left to get a bit bored in order to come up with their most creative ideas; well, this is a bit of an extreme situation.

Saturday in the garden, brought to you via boredom

And, as it turns out, 8 and 10 year olds really just want to do things that make them feel independent. That might not include a solo walk to the corner shop right now, but it can include creating some pretty special things in the kitchen, with added bonus points if it can be done without any adult input.

Made and photographed by Elsa (8)

Enough preamble! Elsa wanted to make a dessert yesterday that ‘wasn’t cake’ (slightly anathema in my mind but who am I to argue?). After lots of time searching, she settled on the idea of chocolate mousse BUT in the absence of double cream and in the presence of a tin of ambrosia custard… she came up with these chocolate custard pots, the perfect solo child project.

Let’s be honest anything with whipped cream and sprinkles looks pretty fancy to anyone under 16

The recipe is pretty elaborate…Melt some chocolate (we used 60g semi-sweet chocolate); let cool slightly. Slowly add to custard (we had a 400g tin of ambrosia custard BUT of course you can make your own or find a slightly out of date packet of Birds).

No, YOU’VE been googling whether it’s safe to eat out of date custard powder.

Spoon into glasses. Chill (for at least 45minutes, ideally a little longer). Top with whipped cream from a can / sprinkles / chocolate chips / anything left from the empty supermarket shelves.

Equally fancy from the side

Serve to some children who deem this the best pudding they’ve ever eaten and spend your evening silently regretting all the hours spent cooking for them when really they just want plain pasta followed by chocolate custard.

Can I also recommend letting your children make these similarly complex, similarly loved delights – chocolate dipped breadsticks:

No recipe required. Just hope you have a mug from the Take That reunion tour 2007 to display the results
I mean… I wouldn’t say this kind of independence doesn’t come with its drawbacks
Toddler entertainment on the sidelines: silicone cupcake liners and a massive bin of play food

How are you all doing? xxtMAtM


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