smug and lazy Christmas craft vol iv? V?

Every year I start thinking about Christmas gifts in September and feel almost unbearably organised. 5 children! And yet, so prepared!

But then something happens and it’s December 10 and I have a few piles of relatively random objects stuffed into corners of cupboards and hidden in luggage; piles of books, a large unicorn teddy, and some math workbooks (seriously). And no, I am not prepared.

However! I did buy molasses so that I could make some delicious soft baked Christmas cookies tomorrow; and we have been prolifically crafting. Crafting prolifically? Either way, the craft is prolific.

I saw these very lovely tree ornaments on Instagram – thanks to their clever algorithm that knows I have lots of children but no artistic flair.

Here, the original inspiration photo:

Image credit: @treehouse_schoolhouse

And here, our best effort imitations:

Retrospectively realise I should have spaced these photos so there was less opportunity for direct comparison but too late now

Comparison is the thief of joy, as I tell my children

All very self explanatory but also, this was a really fun process art activity with not-hideous results. Not to mention a good 30minutes activity searching the garden for sticks. I hot glued the tree outline and then let Elsa (7), Mim (5) and Wilf (3) go to town wrapping them with wool/embroidery thread, followed by a plate of generally gaudy decorations and some regular school glue:

Scowl courtesy of mr tMatM genes; Christmas jumper, model’s own

Still finding jewels in the kitchen but at least it’s not glitter which, as we all know, would be there until June

The following day we made this even simpler by removing the hot glue aspect and turning the ‘tree’ theme into an ‘icicle’ theme (I use the term icicle loosely – I say icicle, you might say twig). The same wool/thread wrapping and bejewelling – they still look quite lovely and festive:

And simpler still, when Wilf decided to just stick some jewels on a twig, no wrapped wool required:

As my sister pointed out, the only next logical step will be to collect rando sticks and chuck them on the tree.

Another compelling reason for Christmas crafting: the cherished London bus ornament (top right) was yet another to suffer the at the hands of a curious toddler, moments after this photo was taken. Sticks are much more resilient.

I think they look quite pretty, actually! (Yes that was a Keira Knightly Love Actually reference and yes I am absolutely about to watch that to really get this festive party started). Definitely at home on our homemade “eclectic” tree theme.

How about you? Ready for Christmas? Peloton wrapped and under the tree?

xx tMatM

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  1. December 10, 2019 / 5:58 am

    I much prefer an eclectic, haphazard tree to one that’s perfectly symmetrical and colour-coordinated. Mr P chopped a branch out of the garden last year and sprayed it white and then we hung very colourful, plastic decorations on it. I loved it x

  2. December 10, 2019 / 9:16 am

    Oh I like the idea of a white garden branch! And totally agree that tasteful themed trees don’t quite do it for me either – quite lucky really as my kids would be devvo’d if we didn’t hang up all the crazy creations they bring back from school and make here 🙂

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