Irony strikes

In some kind of slow burn irony, I said to my husband last month how lucky we are that our kids never get vomiting bugs. They’re out there! I said, merrily. But we seem to avoid them!

I mean honestly, I struggle to remember when any of them last threw up, apart from one memorable toddler incident mid-fathers-day-picnic, circa 2014 (happy Father’s Day!).

And in any case, much like a strategic drunken vomit, timed before stumbling back to a student party to continue the night, that particular episode was immediately followed with a request for more picnic sandwiches, so it evidently wasn’t too traumatic for anyone involved. Except for mr tMatM, who now has a deep seated distrust of celebratory picnics.

Likes: hot sandy walks. Dislikes: celebratory alfresco meals

I digress! The slow burn irony. Last month: a casual observation – we’re so lucky! This month: 3 vomiting children, about 30 loads of washing, 2 bottles of bleach, 1 restorative vegetarian Asian-style noodle soup (amazing recipe here) and 1 third birthday to prepare for nonetheless.

This smug and lazy mumcake made in great haste with love

All that to say, perhaps quite naturally, I found solace in hunting for bumbags (belt purses? Hip bags? Even… and I hope not…Fanny packs?).

I spent a lot of time through the night (and during the day) running between ill children and laundry and I needed some kind of highly non-essential, mindless material object to focus on.

Sparked by a lovely friend wearing one for her family holiday and looking great; spurred on by the intriguing and appealing combination of practicality and 90s throwback.

Reader, I convinced myself that I needed a bumbag and it is as every bit brilliant as I had hoped. Even if my husband was a little bit side-eye about it to begin with (not now though, not now he sees it serve to prevent my constantly asking him to hold my phone/keys/credit card etc).

Here are some of the bags I considered, those long and vomit-filled nights:

A classic at Asos, $25.25CAD (and look how versatile they are, with the side carry)

Added leopard print = added like. This accessorize bag is also available on Asos in the sale from 65CAD to 45.24CAD

Look even Marks and Spencer are in on the act with this classic option, so it can’t be all that subversive, can it?

Marks and Spencer, $54 CAD

How do we feel about a bit of shine and mesh?

I thought New Look might be on board with this trend and I was correct. They have an extensive collection, most of which is currently in their sale

I’m also a fan of the fjallraven utilitarian option, this colour is nice but it also comes in black and we know how I feel about black:

Available and in the sale at Asos

For max retro vibe, how about this one (I think I owned this exact bag in 1993)

Looked great with my shellsuit from C&A

What do you think? Can we successfully revisit a trend if we were there for a previous incarnation?

Perhaps a little more of a grown up option from & other stories:

Also on asos, here

And another bum bag trove (not a sentence I ever imagined writing), a shop I have never been in before, forever21:

Forever 21, for all your belt bag / fanny pack needs.

From vomiting to bumbags. And back again. Let me know if I have lost my mind (sorry though still love them).

Not vomiting just lovely

tMatM x


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