Hero products, vol iv (the nail edition)

There was, in the past, a time when I always had immaculately manicured nails. And (one would hope) there may, in the future, be such a time again.

This is not that time.

Absolutely not conducive to regular nailcare.

The irony is not lost on me then, that I am here to recommend a nail product. I mean, these days my nails are mostly clipped in haste – not lovingly filed and shaped and buffed – and they languish pretty much at the bottom of my grooming hierarchy of must-do (wash hair); should-do (moisturize); and would-like-to-do (everything else).

So my nails are neglected, but I have improved the situation immeasurably with this:

Revlon Ultimate Shine Top Coat (with 400+ 4.5* reviews, as it turns out, so I can’t be too far off track)

Look if you are also desperately lacking in time and, let’s face it, motivation – but nonetheless would like to look like you spend more time on your own nails than on the 100 (count them) other nails for which you are also responsible… this is a winner.

Even I can manage a 1minute application / 5 minute drying time to have nails that look fresher, pleasingly shiny, and drastically less unkempt.

If you are feeling extra keen (on the nail front) I have also remained loyal to the next product over the past decade – for its remarkable ability to make nails look as though you have spent a great deal of time and care buffing and finishing them when, in fact, it has taken seconds to throw on before a topcoat.

Removes any hint of flaws or ridges and dries almost instantly. The smug and lazy nail solution, in fact. Mavala Ridge Filler

More soon! With some summer holiday thoughts – only a couple more weeks of term time left, so we are busy making plans for US/trans Canada road trips a plenty around here! xxtMatM


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