Surprise budget foundation success

There’s no way of saying this nicely: my skin has looked horrible lately.

Despite normal efforts to look less tired, my face has been staging some kind of rebellion and so I have been relying more than usual on foundation.

One way to really highlight how old and tired you look: a photo next to your daughter with her luminescent complexion.

Also, Facebook threw up some lovely “on this day” memories from 10 years ago when I looked not only 10 years younger but just, overall; better. And then I remembered that was probably because I used to wear actual make up, so I have been piling a little more on, in homage to my younger self.

Look that was a very long intro to tell you that I have stumbled across a really good budget stick foundation, a reliable back-up to keep in your handbag for those moments when you catch sight of yourself in the supermarket mirrors and just know, with real clarity, that something has to change.

Evidently this is not the shade I use. I have a simple method to finding the right shade: it involves looking down the list to the lightest ghostly colour and, bam, that’s the one for me.

I don’t think I have owned any Revlon make up since a dubious 1990s eyeshadow palette. And I normally eschew budget make up for a quality-over-quantity approach.

That said, as someone who doesn’t wear foundation often – and already has a horribly expensive tinted moisturizer – this is a really excellent option.

It packs a punch on the coverage front but doesn’t deliver much in the way of a ‘glow’ -so I compensate for that with some NARS highlighter and an awful lot of cream blusher.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice, pleasingly-utilitarian-and-mattifying way of evening out skin tone, despite the embarrassingly bad name (photo-ready insta-fix, anyone?).

Overall: worth a go. Not for the moments you want to look dewy and fresh faced (because then Laura Mercier and Chantecaille are your best friends); but for the moments when you just need to cover everything up and hope for the best. And if that isn’t a rave (unsponsored) review then I’m not sure what is!

tMatM x


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