An(other) ode to the scarf

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of a scarf.

Given my commitment to scarf-wearing I often end up giving scarves as gifts and by often I mean mostly to my sister and mostly scarves that I also want to buy for myself (and sometimes do buy matching ones, because who doesn’t like to have a matching sister?).

Anyway I’ve found a great scarf for my sister… no wait for me… no wait I mean for YOU TO GIVE TO SOMEONE or maybe buy for yourself. It’s lovely and will suit absolutely everyone and go with just about everything.

(This is not an ad I just Really Like Scarves!)

Here it is, the Hush Lola scarf (also available via John Lewis)

I like the whole ensemble Hush, I really do.

And then I went off on a bit of a scarf tangent and I’m going to say it: if you like a cosy neck (I do) then you should consider a fleece snood as a layer for underneath your nice scarf…

This one is £12.99 from John Lewis (image is linked) but they sell similar everywhere. NOT A GIFT. For any clueless husbands that stumble across this page.

Having said that, this cashmere version would do the same job with more focus on form than function – from Jigsaw:

viable gift option.

In orange too if you can pull this kind of colour off (I cant)

This was an unexpected snood diversion. And in other news, in my scarf hunt I stumbled across a number of quilted scarves which on first take I was a little bit horrified about – but am now considering the potential warmth and joy they might bring.

Can we – in any way – find this acceptable? I will hazard a guess that we can’t, but… cosy.

This one is Zara (49.90CAD – linked above) but they are being sold everywhere.

Sorry. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen. Take yourself back to Hush and consider a leopard cashmere number – ticking all the boxes for warmth and not involving a sleeping bag around your neck:

She certainly looks pretty happy about it.

The White Company also do a predictably nice range. I quite like this classic check:

Okay. Scarf hunt complete, I’m off to put all my Christmas gifts in a pile and panic quietly. How’s the Christmas prep going in your house?

tMatM x


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