The Trip (IKEA essentials)

How has it come to this? We’re taking a quick trip over to Vancouver this week: while we’re there, the plan is to swing by IKEA and I’m inordinately excited. 

Look it’s no big deal and I’m totally relaxed about this but it does happen to also be my first trip off the island since we arrived last September – as for various reasons we’ve ended up staying close to home these last 10months. Actually, only 4 reasons, and those reasons are aged 7,5,3 and 1.

But we’ve put that behind us, the memory of our summer 2016 of packing and flights and rentals behind us and we are ready to get on the move! We’re ready to explore again! We’re ready for IKEA!

Anyway I’ve been casually browsing the website to see what essentials I can pick up to throw in the roof box and bring back via the ferry (commitment).

So far:

Love an IKEA frame; simple, not over-built and light enough that I don’t panic about hanging them in children’s rooms in case they knock them down. 

I like these simple pine ones (above – linked). We also need some larger frames to put up a couple of prints – one from a super talented friend in the UK, and a recent print from the Faile exhibition in Detroit:

Anna Wray, Mind the Gap


Also on the list: extra lamps – our mid century house has no ceiling lights, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally frustrating.

I think this could be a good bedside option:

And these, just for general inoffensive living space lighting options :

Some more of my favourite wide glasses, for soft drinks and for wine drunk in a way that makes me feel vaguely Italian (that is, a bit cool)

Ditto, more of these faux sheepskins – love them, although would rather the children stopped dressing up in them and just left them draped nonchalantly over the classic IKEA footstools that everyone including me has...

Alseda stools, as seen everywhere. Image: Pinterest

I also like these simple shelves, and think they could make a nice minimal bedside table –
Also on the shelving front and not particularly glamorous – but I am going to pick up some of these brackets for a few different rooms – 

Seen here in Dwell: 


What is it about IKEA anyway? I have plenty of lovely furniture in the house but after a while of no blue and yellow Warehouse visits I start to feel twitchy and need some kind of marketplace fix.

Have you had any IKEA successes lately that I should know about? Forewarned, forearmed etc, which is all very important given that mr tMatM has a low IKEA tolerance and I can’t imagine that all four children are going to be particularly helpful in this context either – so the trip is likely to be on a serious clock. Speed IKEA. The best kind. Will report back on the successes or, more likely, with tales of IKEA meltdowns (mine). 

tMatM out. X


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