What’s in my toddler’s bed? Vol ii

Forget about the ‘What’s in my handbag’ articles, we’re keeping it real: What’s in my Toddler’s bed?

Photographed on the rug adjoining the bed, after being discovered photographing the last set of contents in the lounge and it causing some serious consternation. I have 4 children and I know the importance of picking my battles.

Clockwise, from left: a children’s star teething-safe necklace; a velvet vinyl record cleaning brush (obviously); Elsa figurine; Curious George; dog; toy smartphone; mini doll house painting; pencil (cause for concern); fisher price baby toy, and Mrs Pepperpot.

Look, Six Dinner Sid might be about polygamy and The Tiger Who Came to Tea might be about infidelity but Mrs Pepperpot is just a harmless story about an elderly lady who shrinks to the size of a pepperpot and cavorts with animals.

Anyway you’ll be happy to know that all the above contents were replaced before I was rumbled this time. Peace reigns in tMatM HQ.

Look back: What’s in my Toddler’s Bed? Vol i

tMatM x


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