Smug and Lazy process art

If you need a crib sheet on why smug and Lazy are my top two attributes when it comes to crafts and cooking… here it is.

If you are already onboard with my smug and lazy (SaL) craft ambitions, let’s continue! With an excellent, pretty-smug and very-Lazy, ‘process art’ activity for preschoolers – or older, perhaps, but my 5 and 2 year olds enjoyed a spot of this today. Largely because we woke up to this:

“It never snows on Vancouver Island “

Poor keen bean daffodils (further evidence that sometimes Lazy is a good thing):

Anyway, despite entertaining themselves for a good hour, like so:

Enough siblings = no more pulling sleds


Despite that, plus a couple of hours at preschool and a snowy hike up our mountain… I was on the hunt for an art activity that wouldn’t take long to set up, as my 7month old slept for about 20minutes in total last night and a further 7minutes today so my nerves were a little shot and I was also preparing said art activity with the 7month old on my hip. (First tooth about to emerge).

Anyway, I came across this on an excellent arts-for-children site, and thought it was the ideal solution.

All you need are paints/brushes, paper, a cupcake / muffin tin, and you’re ready for action. Calling it process art – to me anyway – means that you really just let them loose with the materials and focus on the process rather than the product. The girls thought this was a pretty fun activity and spent a happy hour hard at work.

Paint the tins…


Paint more tins in various colours and combinations…


Press your paper on top for a lovely print




I have some lofty ideas to use these for Valentine’s Day cards somehow – as it turns out v-day seems like a fairly Big Deal for children in Canada. But the chances are the prints will linger around and I’ll end up panic buying a huge pile of drugstore cards on Feb 13 for the children to take in. Not so smug then!

Cupcake/muffin tin painting. The perfect snow day / teething day / big shouting day / all of the above / activity!


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