Softer skin please

In pursuit of honest blogging I can tell you that I have fairly dry skin, but in the interests of retaining some mystery I won’t regale you with stories about how dry skin suffers through multiple pregnancies and from having no attention lavished upon it when you are left to survive on a sub-5minute shower every day, usually witnessed by one or more small children.

So, you know, a bit of a balance to be struck here, between honesty and mystery, but I can definitely tell you about my favourite three products that have saved my hideously dry skin (but…still… mysterious and attractive, in case you were finding this unappealing?!) – in any case, three products that have saved my skin from real disaster.

Beginning with a surprising body scrub from other stories. I am completely not their target audience (about 4 children too many?) and I find their website achingly cool and intimidating, but this scrub was a gift the first time around and I find myself returning again and again to repurchase. It is not overly expensive but smells completely divine and really does a good job of sloughing away ravaged skin (not mine, of course).

I have previously had the lemon version but have just ordered this one, in part because I love the Diptyque fig candles so much that I am hoping this is a similar scent

Then you need to drench your poor tired body in moisturiser and that moisturiser should be this one:

You will note that this fulfils the lazy and exhausted criteria of a pump dispenser so you don’t have to do anything too demanding like remove a lid.

Anyway, this moisturiser was one of those random purchases I made whilst basking in the sheer delight of a solo trip to the pharmacy (ostensibly to buy baby wipes but I came away about $150 lighter so I think we can assume I didn’t stick to the brief)… this is a pretty budget moisturiser so you can pour it on with no compunction but it is startlingly good, my skin felt better after just a few days.

And one for the UK contingent, I also always have a tub of this, in theory for our 7month old after a bath but it smells so lovely and leaves your skin glowing so I often use it myself.

It pains me a little to link those of you in the UK to the ocado website as I miss Ocado an embarrassing amount

So, there we have it, three products to drastically improve your exhausted skin. And nothing bank breaking! Well done me.


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