Crafts (of the smug and lazy variety)

My 4 year old was given a set of Pompom makers for Christmas and I have totally commandeered it. Normally the children are asking me to make crafts with them but these days I am more likely to be traipsing around after her, casually suggesting we make some pompoms. I feel like I have totally nailed the crafty lifestyle! I could make the whole of Pinterest!

And it’s so easy, even for a total non-crafter like me. Why was this kept a secret for all of my thirty something years?

In any case, in case you haven’t had this epiphany yet (I am under no illusions, I’m sure you are all years ahead of me on this one)…….. this is the set we have been using.

With excellent results like this, made this morning while fending off a 2 year old and holding a baby:

I plan on making something like this in time for the 4 year old’s birthday at the end of the month to decorate the room and look festive:

Photo credit: Pinterest

This might, potentially, put me off pompoms forever, much like the ‘home sweet home’ cross stitch project that made me realise I am not a born cross-stitcher and indeed should never consider embarking on that kind of thing again

Not sure why I felt like I needed a Home Sweet Home cross stitch. Perhaps too much time on etsy?


But if I don’t hate pompoms by that point, I am a little bit keen on a beach bag like this:

Photo credit: etsy


Anyway there are lots of excellent tutorial videos on Youtube (but I won’t link to any specific ones as I am about to say something a bit mean) – they are each about 10 minutes of tutorial and I would say they are about 9 minutes too long. I mean it isn’t rocket science.

If you wish to save yourself those 10minutes of your life, see the following:

Open the maker:

Wrap the wool around in loops from one side to the other. Push them back as you go so that you can fit as many loops on as possible. Add some extra ones if you want it to be really fluffy (you want it to be really fluffy).

Pushed back:

Keep going until it’s completely wrapped. Open the other side. You don’t need to start on a new piece of wool – just keep going. Wrap the wool around in loops as above. Close the maker.

Cut the wool off at 5cm or so.

Cut through the loops in the groove of the maker, like this:

Take a 10cm-ish piece of wool and pull it tight through the central groove of the maker. Pull it tight. Tie a knot. Do that again for good luck.

Pull the two sides apart – your pompom looks like a mess. Your heart sinks.

Fluff it up! Trim all the straggly bits, it will look neater. Leave the long piece that you used to tie the knot in the middle of you want to attach it to something (likely). If you give it a serious trim and make it about 0.5cm shorter it will look even thicker AND neater.

Ta-da! You are a something of a crafting genius!




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