The move and a sad moment

I was pretty glib about the whole international relocation thing. You’re brave! People said. It’s an adventure! I said.

And it is, really, an excellent adventure. I am so happy to show our children that the world is a small place, that they can go out and explore, experience and enjoy it. I am happy for them to be here; Vancouver Island is really a very beautiful spot.

But you know, after a big year of our fourth lovely baby arriving and major surgery and a lot of support and love from our friends, family, who know us so well… being somewhere so new, it has its moments! Not that we are lonely – we are all here together, our noisy and busy family of 6. But I suppose, 4 months in, just facing the eternal dilemma of the expat life head on. That is, however much your heart is in the move, you can’t help but also have a splintered piece somewhere else too. So the sad moments can feel a little heightened (I had to skip through the airport arrivals montage scene in Love Actually this year – bad sign)… and the good moments feel a little, you know, edgy, as well. A great Christmas, a fun day for the children with their first ski lesson today – away from the people who would normally share in that delight.

Nothing new but, in the spirit of blogging and honesty, a moment of open reflection. 

On to some more online late night sale shopping! Or more rating my husband! Anything to save you from my earnest but unsurprising expat champagne problems. 

A great day on the slopes – poor me


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